Wake-up with smartthings and webcore

Wake-up with smartthings and webcore

Goal: configure my house to wake me up gently.


Created a virtual switch on my smartthings. The house will wake me up only if the switch is on.

Create a webcore piston. This piston runs at 7:30:

wakeup piston

This piston does the following:

  1. Starts the gentle wake up switch
  2. Use text to speech on my chromecast
  3. Play some random music from my Synology
  4. Play a podcast I downloaded earlier in the morning using my Synology

This is the bash script that cron runs every morning:

/usr/local/bin/podcatcher --dir /podcasts/ -S one http://feeds.feedburner.com/npr/POtf
ls -t /podcasts/cache | head -n 1 | xargs -I '{}' mv /podcasts/cache/'{}' /music/alarm/alarm.mp3

shopt -s globstar
flacfiles=(/music/some\ subfolder/**/*.flac)
cp "${flacfiles[RANDOM % ${#flacfiles[@]}]}" /music/alarm/music.flac

Ideally, I would like to have something better than a virtual switch to turn this on and off. For example, I would like to have a smart app that allows me to set the time and other podcasts, etc. Alas, no clue how to do that yet.

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